About Us

What You Should Know About RMI

Regional Management, Inc. (RMI), has been providing market rate rental housing to Baltimore’s tenants for over 60 years.  RMI operates solely in the Baltimore area.  As a long term member and contributor of the Maryland Multi-Housing Association (MMHA), RMI continues to develop and shape their business to suit both their tenants’ needs and local community.  Community involvement is key; RMI believes that supporting and giving back to the surrounding neighborhoods will keep their properties a facet of Baltimore real estate for future generations.  Aside from their contributions to the city and local causes, RMI’s larger properties have self-funded community and youth centers for their residents.  When you live with us, you will enjoy the reliable management of a company that believes their present residents are as important as the next new applicant.

Sincerely yours,
Regional Management, Inc.